About US

Partners in Family Care is a privately-owned health care facility that operates in Central Kansas. Partners in Family Care has locations in Hesston, Inman, McPherson, and Moundridge. The organization is owned by the doctors that provide their services. Everyone at Partners in Family Care is committed to improving the health and wellness of their communities and staff with compassion, competence, and integrity.

Patient Rights:

Partners in Family Care holds in high regard the fundamental rights of patients. Care is taken to see that patients are treated with respect, consideration, and privacy.

  • Confidentiality, as well as privacy and security are provided to patients concerning their medical information

  • Complete information about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis is provided to patients, except when medically inadvisable. In such cases it will be provided to a patient-designated or legally authorized person.

  • Accurate and honest billing practices are exercised in accordance with government programs and payer contract and agreements.

  • Click Here for more information on our No Surprise Act Billing.

As our patient, we expect that you will:

  • Provide complete and up-to-date medical history before and during your course of treatment

  • Feel free to ask your doctor or other medical staff questions regarding your treatment

  • Notify your doctor about any unexpected changes in your health.

  • Furnish us with current insurance information and promptly notify Partners in Family Care about any changes in your health insurance.

Payment is due upon receipt of your statement.